Hiking in Mary S. Young Park

March 2021

"The Flow of Life"

Mary S. Young Park

Finally hubby and I went walking in Mary S. Young Park, just a mile away from the rental we are staying. The ice storm that hit West Linn a few weeks ago had snapped trees like twigs due to the weight of freezing rain on the branches, and the park was closed when we just arrived here. 

The park has an easy trail with a beautiful view over the Willamette River. We saw that the a lot of locals must enjoy this park and its views because a lot of wooden memoriam benches are placed along the trail.  Mary S. Young would have been pleased to see that her property she gave to the State in the 1960-ties indeed is “enjoyed by everyone until eternity” as a public, free park. 


Thursday, March 4, 2021


7.12 miles

Moving Time



58 °F