Part 3 - From Nieuwveen to Reeuwijk

"En als ik dan mijn liedjes zing"

Nieuwveen - Reeuwijk

Day 3 of our Pilgrimage trail. We added another 15.5 miles (25 km). It was again a beautiful day with spectacular views.

Dikes, canals, and a lot of water

To keep the “polders” (areas of former lakes surrounded by dikes) dry and protect the Dutch lowlands and their citizens from flooding, the people in the lowlands used the main element always available: wind.


Watermills were used to reclaim land and are still keeping the water out of these polders, nowadays also the help of more modern machinery. A unique view in the Dutch polder landscape is the “Aarlanderveense Molenviergang.” These four mills are the only working windmill quadrangle in the world, draining the “Drooggemaakte Polder” on the “Westzijde” in “Aarlanderveen.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020


15.48 miles
24.91 km

Moving Time



dry, sunny, windy