A Memorable Reunion with Ann at Shelby Farms Park

A Shared Moment With Coffee and Conversation

On January 21st, 2022, a cold but sunny day, I met my friend Ann and her dog for a walk at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis. We first connected years ago, in 2007, at the Naperville International Women’s Club, and though we last saw each other in person in 2015, we kept in contact virtually.

Shelby Farms, a large 4,500-acre urban park honored as one of the 20 largest urban parks in the United States, provided the perfect location for our reunion. We strolled along the park’s many trails, enjoying the crisp air and vibrant winter scenery. The park, with its lakes, forests, and meadows, created a welcome reconnecting space.
After our walk, we found a cozy spot near the water to enjoy coffee and conversation. It was heartwarming to catch up in person, sharing stories and laughter after almost seven years.

Following our coffee break, I used Google Maps to return to our Airbnb. I had mistakenly omitted the house number from the address, leading me to an unfamiliar neighborhood. Luckily, after adding the missing information, I realized our rental was on “the right side of the tracks.”


While FaceTime is convenient, there’s no substitute for seeing a dear friend in person. Therefore, our warm reconnection in cold Shelby Farms Park will always remain unforgettable!


Friday, January 21, 2022


3.64 miles

Moving Time

1:24:14 hours


31 °F, moderate breeze, sun