A Scenic Journey: The Sawtooth Scenic Byway and Beyond

Breathtaking Landscapes!

Our scenic drive today surprised us with a breathtaking display of various landscapes. We followed part of the Sawtooth Scenic Byway, a designated National Scenic Byway winding 116 miles through the mountains.

Our road trip started with the immense Camas Prairie area unfolding before us. This unique ecosystem, stretching over 100 square miles, provided food like camas bulbs and other edible plants to Native American tribes. The majestic Sawtooth Mountains rose dramatically in the distance, reaching almost 11,000 feet, providing a breathtaking background.

Continuing our journey, we encountered the charming ski towns of Ketchum and Sun Valley. These resorts, founded by Austrian immigrants in the early 20th century, have a unique German-inspired atmosphere. Bald Mountain, towering 9,150 feet, dominates the landscape, offering stunning views and challenging terrain for experienced skiers.

Afterward, we climbed toward the Galena Summit, one of Idaho’s highest paved mountain passes at an elevation of 8,701 feet. The panoramic vistas unfolded before us, with the rough grandeur of the Sawtooth National Forest. As we descended, the mighty Salmon River, a vital artery for fish and wildlife, meandered through the snow-covered landscape.


The Sawtooth Scenic Byway ended in the charming town of Stanley. We continued following a different scenic byway towards Boise, the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway through the Boise National Forest, a 2.4 million-acre forest.
In the town of Kirkham, we stumbled upon a hidden gem – a natural hot spring offering a relaxing dip in its warm waters, a unique experience for the first-timers we were.
As we approached Boise and prepared to merge onto I-84, traffic reached a standstill. After an hour, the cause became clear: a car accident had resulted in a vehicle overturned in the adjacent river. Our thoughts immediately went to the well-being of those involved, hoping everyone was safe.


Saturday, April 3, 2021


about 390 miles

Moving Time

All Day


76 °F, light breeze, sunny