Our 10-Day Idaho Adventure in King Hill

Continuing Our Journey

With hugs and goodbyes to our family and furry companions, we continued our 10-day adventure to King Hill, Idaho. The weather gods accompanied us, giving us a perfect day during our long drive. The scenic journey through Snoqualmie Pass Summit was a joy, and the clear, dry roads were a welcome sight. Minimal traffic, brief pit stops for fuel, and short bathroom breaks kept our journey smooth, and by 6:30 pm Mountain Time, we arrived at our Airbnb.

Our Home Away from Home

We arrived eleven hours later at our new Airbnb location around 6:30pm Mountain Time. When we opened the door, we got a pleasant surprise! This ranch cottage was spacious and cozy and had a beautiful view in front and backyard. The river in our backyard was the famous Snake River; the front showed the beautiful Idaho mountains. Even Hemmes appreciated all the space and started exploring the different rooms.

And A New Farewell Too Soon Again

As all good things must come to an end, at precisely 10 am on checkout day, we thanked the cottage and said farewell. With exciting hikes and scenic drives, these past ten days had flown by. We left behind countless footprints in the beautiful Idaho landscapes. However, we took gorgeous pictures and unforgettable memories with us.


Arrival: March 26, 2021
Departure: April 5, 2021


About 580 miles
Auburn, WA to King Hill, ID

Moving Time

About 11 hours


66°F, Moderate Breeze, Sun