Big Bend NP, Day 2

Visiting Big Bend NP, Day 2

On our second day in Big Bend, we drove the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and hiked a few trails. We started at the end, at the Santa Elena Canyon, where the Rio Grande borders Mexico. While walking the Santa Elena Canyon trail, we were rewarded with beautiful sceneries of the canyon and the Rio Grande. From the overlook, the enormous Mexican Santa Elena Canyon reminded us of the Game of Thrones wall. 

We got more spectacular views of the Rio Grande and its floodplain on the Dorgan-Sublett Trail. On this trail, we saw the ruins of two former farm ranches. 

We chose the Mule Ears Peaks Trail for our last hike to get a close-up of the Chihuahuan Desert. This trail leads to a desert spring. Although tiny, the spring formed a lush, green oasis that toads apparently call home. 

The Sotol Vista Overlook rewarded us with a unique panoramic view of the entire western side of Big Bend NP.


Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Several (short) walks
a total of 11 miles

Moving Time

About 5 hours


32°F to 65°F