Dallas Delights Near Our Airbnb

Peaceful Morning Starts in Dallas, TX

During our stay in Dallas, we were conveniently located across from one of the city’s historic parks, Kidd Springs Park. The green park offered trails with views of towering trees and a serene lake with a lovely fountain. I felt right at home among the locals, families, runners, and walkers enjoying the space. The park provided a safe environment for me to cherish my daily walks. 

This park also has a charming Japanese Garden with meandering paths along traditional Japanese statues, initially created in 1971 and restored in 2023.

Wildlife thrives here, too – turtles soaking up the sun sitting on logs, ducks bathing in the lake, and a proud goose parenting her goslings. 

Bishop Arts District, A Restored Dallas Gem

We strolled through the Bishop Arts District’s streets with trendy boutiques, cafes, colorful murals, and restaurants. This neighborhood enjoys a second life after years of decline.

Our Airbnb host recommended the vibrant neighborhood, just a short 2-mile stroll from our place, and it was an excellent suggestion. The Bishop Arts District was once a thriving commercial center, but the middle class left as the city grew. It became neglected and forgotten and a boarded-up zone.


In the early 1990s, new local residents began revitalizing the area, and their incredible transformation efforts succeeded. The Bishop Arts District is here to stay!

Like many other visitors and locals, we sat down for an early dinner at Paradiso, a South European-like restaurant with a fantastic patio, and enjoyed the vibe, the music, the drinks, and the food.

A Farewell to Dallas, TX, and A Hello to Monroe, LA!

After four days, we thanked our Airbnb in Dallas for welcoming us to the beautiful historic North Oak Cliff neighborhood. We also left with a new appreciation for Texas. After a last morning stroll in Dallas, we headed east to Monroe, Louisiana. We visited the southern parts of the state in November 2022 and wanted to explore the northern region for a few days.

The five-hour drive, covering 296 miles, offered a scenic change from the busy Dallas suburbs to the forests of northern Louisiana. After we arrived in Monroe, we checked into our comfortable Red Roof Inn hotel and quickly went to the grocery store for much-needed groceries.


Tuesday, April 30, 2024 - Saturday, May 4, 2024


on average
2.0 miles

Moving Time

on average
0:44 hours


all 5 days
perfect walking weather!

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