Mammoth Lakes Summer Delights

A Landscape Shaped by Fire and Ice

In the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains near the San Joaquin River, the Devils Postpile Formation looks like an otherworldly rock formation. Still, it was created by a lava flow that occurred less than 100,000 years ago. The columns are made of basalt, an igneous rock formed when lava rapidly cooled and contracted in nature’s most efficient and stable shape, a hexagon, fitting together like a mosaic.
Tens of thousands of years ago, during the last ice age, the columns became exposed. Glaciers moving through the area scraped away the surrounding rock, revealing the Devils Postpile in all its glory.
To protect this geological wonder of nature, it became a national monument in 1911. However, weathering and earthquakes continue to change the formation.

A Hike Through Natural Beauty

We continued our hike to Minaret Falls, a beautiful 150-foot-tall waterfall. It was also fantastic to see the Soda Springs Meadow and the meandering San Joaquin River flow through it, sparkling water bubbling up from the ground. 

Nevertheless, the wall with hexagon pillars that once were shaped by fire and ice was definitely my favorite piece of nature art. The Devil’s Postpile, a testament to volcanic forces and glacial sculpting, stood out as a truly unique and awe-inspiring sight.


Friday, September 15, 2023


5.50 miles

Moving Time

2:33:43 hours


66, sunny, light breeze