Driving Back Home Again

Road Trip 2008 - Day 14


Driving Back Home!

After breakfast at 7 am, we drove again. Not immediately to our home but via downtown Lincoln NE, to see and walk our loop around the State Capitol Building. One hour later, we entered Iowa and drove to Des Moines to visit our third State Capitol Building.
When you are west outside the Chicago suburbs, the country is empty. Still beautiful because the cornfields, grain fields, and prairie seem to continue forever. The long way home on the interstate highway HW I-80 allowed the sons to solve the Rubik Cube, read their school assignment books, or sleep briefly. We were home at around 5 pm.

After two weeks of traveling through the States, we all had mixed feelings. We loved these two weeks spent traveling with each other. However, we were also happy we were back in our home with our own stuff, our own bathrooms, and our own beds. Everyone agreed that it was amazing driving through the States like this, so it will not be our last road trip vacation as a family. together!


Friday, August 15, 2008


about 510 miles

Moving Time

About 10 hours


77 °F