Hanseatic Cities Path

SP11 Day Trip E - The Estates of Twello

After a great night’s sleep and a scrumptious breakfast in Hotel Vermeer (no, not the painter!), we had enough energy again for the circular walk “The Estates of Twello,” starting and ending at Deventer’s train station via downtown Twello.

We walked towards the train bridge on the remnants of Deventer’s medieval wall – now a quiet city park. We enjoyed a panoramic view of the IJssel and the floodplains from the bridge, which was even more impressive because of the dark clouds. On the west side of the river, the estate “feast” of SP11 Day Trip E began. We saw countless land houses surrounded by well-maintained parks and forests. This area still breathes wealth. Upon our return to Deventer, we crossed the IJssel river by ferry and walked back, passing Hotel Vermeer, to the train station.


At the train station, we saw a statue of a cat. Sunny was a friendly cat, always hanging out at the station, greeting travelers. In December 2021, he was fatally hit by a car. However, he was so popular that he got his statue in front of the train station at his favorite spot. Such a cute tribute!


Monday, January 30, 2023


13.44 miles
21.63 km

Moving Time

4:50:12 hours


6 °C
sun, clouds
gentle breeze