Visiting The Highlights in Sioux Falls

Sherman Park Sacred Buffalo Wall

Sculptor Porter Williams created the impressive “Sacred Buffalo Wall,” a mosaic sculpture depicting Lakota people hunting at the foot of a Native American burial mound. The area holds historical significance for the Lakota people, who once called this area their home.. The mosaic is part of historic Sioux Falls’ Sherman Park in the downtown area.

The USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial

The USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial is a museum that opened in 1963 to commemorate the USS South Dakota (BB 57) and its brave crew. This decorated World War II battleship, nicknamed “Battleship X,” played a crucial role in World War II.

The Mighty American Bison

While the Great Plains Zoo was closed, I caught a glimpse of their North American plains bison herd from afar. Even at a distance, their size and presence were impressive. These magnificent plains bison, one of the two subspecies of American bison, are the largest land mammal in North America.


For millennia, tens of millions of these animals roamed freely across the Great Plains, playing a crucial role in the ecosystem and the lives of Indigenous communities. However, European settlers in the 19th century caused a dramatic decline in bison populations due to overhunting and habitat loss. By the late 1800s, bison were nearly driven to extinction.
Fortunately, conservation efforts began in the early 20th century, and today, bison populations are slowly recovering. With over 31,000 animals living in the wild and on tribal lands, the future for these majestic creatures looks brighter again.

Falls Park in The Winter is A Breathtaking Frozen Wonderland!​

In the heart of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, lies Falls Park, with the majestic Minnehaha Falls as the centerpiece. The Falls is a six-story cascade in the Big Sioux River; however, with the low temperatures, the Big Sioux River had frozen over, and the falls were transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle of ice and snow, creating a magical winter wonderland.


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