Hiking in And around Grizzly Flats, CA!

Our First (Rainy) Walk in Grizzly Flats!

We walked around Grizzly Flats, CA, on this rainy Sunday morning. The rain provided some much-needed relief after weeks of drought.
Grizzly Flats has suffered immense destruction as a result of the 2021 Caldor Fire, which is registered as the second-largest wildfire in California’s history. A significant area of the town has been ravaged, leaving behind open lots and a trail of burnt trees and tree trunks.

The impact of the fire is still devastating, even two years later. Some residents live in RVs on the same lot where their houses once stood. However, there is a silver lining as a recovery process is underway. New beautiful homes have already been built, and more are being constructed.

Hiking Part of the Trestle Trail in Eldorado National Forest

My husband and I still wanted to go for a short drive, so we stayed another day in the Grizzly Flats area and explored the Eldorado National Forest. We opted for a hike along the Trestle Trail and noticed that this forest, like Grizzly Flats, also had been severely impacted by the Caldor wildfire.

The destruction, with blackened logs scattered throughout the area, was a sobering reminder of the power of nature. However, despite the devastation, we were happy to see that nature was making its comeback. The forest floor was covered in a lush carpet of new plants, and seedlings were sprouting amidst the charred remains.

And so, the sight of this damaged forest slowly rising from its ashes gave a feeling of hope. The contrast of the young green against the blackened backdrop was even striking.


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