Hiking in Yellowstone National Park


Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

While the kids were still sleeping in their tent, we decided to go for some more hiking in Yellowstone National Park. We left a note telling them we would be back in two hours. Walking at dawn is always rewarding since the animals are active and the light to take pictures is beautiful.

We went to the “Natural Bridge” trailhead close to the Bridge Bay camping grounds and walked the 2.5-mile there-and-back trail. The steep hiking trail meanders through the forest, partly over a service road. The natural bridge is a 51-foot (18 m) cliff of rhyolite rock cut through by the Bridge Creek! And with no other hikers around us, the place felt magical and serene!

We were back at the tents two hours later, and the lads hadn’t even noticed we had been away! After our early lunch, we invited them to hike several more short trails in the area. However, both just wanted to stay and relax in their tent, play cards together, or play on their GameBoys. And so, only the two of us drove to the “Storm Point’ trailhead to start our second hike of the day.

We enjoyed the off-the-beaten-path, quiet, uncrowded “Storm Point” trail. The easy 2.3 miles loop began with beautiful open views overlooking the Indian Pond and Yellowstone Lake and continued through the trees to Storm Point. I was nervous because we were walking in “bear country.” Thankfully, we did not see any!

.Our Last Hike in Yellowstone!

Afterward, we went to the “Pelican Creek Nature Trail” to hike our last mile through an open wetland near the lake with a spectacular mountain view. 

We came back two hours later, and the kids were still in their tent, and it seemed they hadn’t moved at all. Maybe, they didn’t like the idea that we would leave the next day for our journey home. Or maybe, they just wanted to relax after a busy week. However, because we had to leave early in the morning, we all had to do some packing.
As a surprise and a goodbye to Yellowstone National Park, we had dinner in the “Lake Yellowstone Hotel” that evening! After a week of living in a tent, we enjoyed sitting in a chair, listening to relaxing music, and eating great food at a table.


Monday, August 11, 2023


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