LBJ Johnson National Historical Park
A Day of Delights

Exploring the Ranch While Waiting for the Eclipse

Our goal today was to see the total eclipse. However, with the cloud-covered sky not looking promising, we headed out early to Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. Even if we didn’t see the eclipse, we knew we’d at least have a beautiful day exploring the park.

A Warm Welcome!

When we arrived at the entrance, a sign pleasantly said, “All the world is welcome here.” Rangers guided us through this immense ranch to park on the LBJ Ranch taxiway. Since we were early, we walked around the ranch grounds. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit the historic “Texas White House” because it was closed for renovations. However, there was much more to see than just the Texas White House.

The Sam and Eliza Johnson house, a modest one-story structure built in the 1880s, was the home of Lyndon B. Johnson’s grandparents.

The Johnson Family Cemetery on the ranch is a peaceful resting place with giant oak trees. Lyndon B. Johnson, his wife, Lady Bird Johnson, and many other members of the Johnson family are buried here.
The reconstructed birthplace of Lyndon B. Johnson shows a humble dogtrot one-room cabin in the exact location where the original but similar cabin once stood. The president and his wife furnished the cottage with memorabilia and gifts they cherished.


Near the entrance, we found the Junction School. The restored one-room school offered a glimpse into early 20th-century rural education. Lyndon B. Johnson attended classes here from first to fourth grade. Also, on this spot, on April 11, 1965, President Johnson signed a bill that dedicated more than $1.5 billion in federal funds to America’s schools, one of the more than 60 education bills he signed.

Witnessing A Celestial Spectacle

And then, it was time to prepare for the celestial event. We returned to the airstrip, got our protective sunshades, and saw that the eclipse had already begun. While sitting in the grass, the sky became more clouded. Some stargazers gave up and left, but we held on. Suddenly, it was completely dark in the midst of the day. 

We heard cheering and clapping, and looking up, we saw a breathtaking glimpse of the eclipse peeking through the clouds. Soon after, the darkness receded as quickly as it had come. Though short, this total eclipse did not disappoint; it was the darkest yet. The feeling of witnessing the sun momentarily vanish is indescribable and unforgettable, even seeing it for a third time!

What a fantastic day it had been! We were thankful to have seen both the eclipse and the ranch. LBJ Ranch proved to be a fascinating place and a perfect place to witness nature’s wonders.


Monday, April 8, 2024


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72°F, cloudy, gentle breeze