New York City – Day 2

Visiting The Big Apple - New York City

March - April 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008 - Day 2

After an elaborate continental breakfast in the hotel, we went out for a walk at around 11.00 am. The person nearby the entrance of the hotel wanted to sell us umbrellas because it was drizzling. We declined, optimistic as we were!

We walked to Central Park and decided to visit it a few days later to be able to make better pictures. Meanwhile, the rain did not stop, and I regretted not having bought the umbrellas. However, before we got soaked, we could buy them on the street for five dollars each.

We entered an exclusive purse shop on 5th Avenue, where the handbags were displayed without the price labels. Of course, this means the merchandise is costly, and this was confirmed after a customer asked the price of a shoulder bag. Unfortunately, this meant no new purse for me!

Grand Central Terminal, a station visited daily by 500,000 people, was worth the visit. The building from 1913 was renovated recently, and the main hall looks magnificent. Our journey continued to the famous Times Square traffic intersection, one of the busiest in New York. We got an exceptional street performance; an almost naked cowboy played his guitar in the cold rain!


We wanted to see a show on Broadway. We were advised to purchase the tickets at the Marriot Hotel at the corner of Broadway and 46th Street. Every day at around 15.00 pm, they sell last-minute tickets for half-price cash only. The second piece of advice had been to avoid getting discouraged by the enormous line of people; indeed, within half an hour, we bought our first choice tickets for “The Phantom of the Opera” that evening. The show was celebrating its twentieth anniversary in the Majestic Theatre, and it was formidable. We all enjoyed our evening out.


Monday, March 31, 2021


About 5 miles

Moving Time

Afternoon & evening


47 °F,
Moderate Breeze, Rainy