A Welcoming Break in Bloomington, IN

A Solo Stay

While my husband was accomplishing some business in the Netherlands for a week, I stayed in Bloomington, IN. I took advantage of my lighter traveling schedule and caught up with my blog posts during his absence.

My Daily Walks on Bloomington's B-Line Trail

The Airbnb I stayed in was close to the B-line trail, a beautiful revitalized rail trail that stretches 3.3 miles through the heart of Bloomington. I loved my daily solo walk on this green artery through the city! With many other walkers, runners, and cyclists using the trail, I felt safe walking here early in the morning or just before sunset.

Miller-Showers Park: An Artsy, Restored Wetland Oasis

During one of my many walks, I discovered another hidden gem close to downtown: Miller-Showers Park. This unique urban oasis combines functionality with natural and artistic beauty.

Historically, wetlands were often dismissed or destroyed for development. In Indiana alone, wetlands plunged from 5.6 million to  800,000 acres within a few short years. Thankfully, wetlands’ vital role in our ecosystem is being valued today. Miller-Showers Park illustrates this shift in viewpoint. The park’s restored wetlands, overflowing with native plants, serve now a necessary environmental purpose. They act as a natural sponge, absorbing floodwater, filtering contaminants, and improving water quality.

The sculpture “Red, Blond, Black, and Olive” by Jean-Paul Darriau (1980) adds another layer to the park’s beauty. The statues, made from Indiana limestone, have four faces representing a different ethnicity, referring to Bloomington’s multicultural community.

The B-town Overlook Airbnb

I loved the cozy and clean apartment, it had everything I and Hemmes needed, And even though it was close to downtown, the neighborhood was quiet, both during the day and at night.

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10 days between
May, 29th to June 11th


average 4.26 miles

Moving Time

average 1.5 hours


Sunny, no rain

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