The Beautiful Trails in Hillsboro

Starting from Home ...

Having beautiful trails close by in case we don’t want to drive the distance but still want to get some fresh air, some outdoor light, and some miles in, is a blessing! We have walked these well-paved trails and beautiful parks in all four seasons, and each time there is something new we discover. It encouraged us to go out very often even on rainy days. ⁠

From Evergreen Pkwy to Orenco Woods Nature Park (7 miles)

Instead of turning at NW Wilkins street, we continue to the right, cross the NW Cornelius Pass Rd, and enter Orenco Wood, Nature Park. More than a century ago, Orenco Woods was part of the Oregon Nursery Company (ORE-gon, N-Nursery, CO-company), the largest nursery on the west coast and best known for Orenco apples.  The house on site is the historic Malcolm Macdonald House that once was owned by the founder of Oregon Nursery Co is in the park. The metal statue The Orenco Apple must be in honor of this former nursery of apple trees.


Another pleasant piece of interactive artwork – children run through and around the artwork – is that of Patrick Dougherty. He used willow and red-twig dogwood saplings to shape this Stickwork sculpture Head over Heals. Each Stickwork sculpture with surprised faces reaches 15 feet. This artist builds a different sculpture in another community each month; you can find his art installations in many American states and different countries.

From Evergreen Pkwy to NW Wilkins street, walking part of the Rock Creek Regional Trail (5 miles)

The Rock Creek Regional Trailfollows the scenic Rock Creek Greenway for nearly two miles, from Rock Creek Blvd north of HW 26 south to NW Wilkins Street through Orchard Park. When I walk here, I know I am in the middle of the suburbs, but I hardly notice it. The trail offers beautiful wooden bridges, woodlands, and meadows. This trail is well-maintained and comfortable to walk. Parking and restroom facilities are available at two locations: Cherry Lane Trailhead and Orchard Park.  Orchard Park is a well-visited community park. It has a (first in Hillsboro) public disc golf course, which is frequently used by the locals. It also has a playground where small children like to climb and play.  We love the park because a separate path leads through open and wooded natural areas with boardwalks and viewpoints. The trail ends at NW Wilkins street, our turning point when we want to walk 5 miles in total.

From Evergreen Pkwy around the Rock Creek Golf Course (5.5 miles)

Another choice is walking through a beautiful suburb near the Rock Creek Golf Course. Instead of following the Rock Creek Greenway south, we go north crossing Evergreen Pkwy! In the end, we go left following the NW Rock Creek Boulevard to NW Rock Creek Powerline Trail. Sometimes we see young kids playing soccer at one of the four soccer fields. On bright days, we can see the top of Mount Hood! A little further, we walk on the golf course, which is allowed as long as you stay on the trail. At Bethany Lake Park, we turn right on NW Columbia Ave, and after about 1 mile, we turn right at NW Melrose Drive. Back at the Rock Creek Greenway, we go south again. 


Sunday, June 25, 2023


6.16 miles

Moving Time

2:53:52 hours


68 °F, light breeze, sun and clouds