Pieter Path​

From Hellendoorn to Holten

It was hard to get up out of the comfortable bed this morning! However, a delicious breakfast was waiting! We wanted to have an early start to avoid the rainy weather rolling in in the afternoon. The weather had changed overnight, and today we needed our raincoats more than once. We continued walking through the National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug. We heard thunderstorms in the distance when we walked over the moor and quickly accelerated our stride. The heather lands are even more mysterious with these dark thunder skies. Due to the clouds, the view from the Holterberg was limited, nevertheless still impressive. When we were approaching Holten, we saw a few statues with pigs. Not a big surprise since Holten is also called Keune Dorp or Pig Town during the yearly Carnival.


Friday, June 24, 2022


9.45 miles
22.18 km

Moving Time



24 °C
showers with thunderstorms