Round Spring, Ozark National Scenic Riverways

A Day at Round Spring

We ended our visit to the Missouri Ozark Mountains with a visit to Round Spring, part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Though not technically a state park anymore, it began as one of Missouri’s first state parks. A crystal-clear spring emerges from a “round as a silver dollar” sinkhole, giving its name to both the spring and the former park.
Hiking the Round Spring Trail and Loop, we soaked in the beauty of the Ozark Mountains. With all its gems – breathtaking mountains, sparkling rivers, teal-colored springs, and carved-by-water caves – the Ozark National Scenic Riverways truly deserves the “scenic” in its name.

Round Spring Cave, Just A Glimpse from Outside

Before driving off the park, we stopped at the Round Spring Cave. This case was formed as underground water moved along fractures in the earth, eroding away the rock. Sadly, we could not get inside since tours were unavailable this time of year. I would have loved to see the inside since this cave is undeveloped and still in its original condition, as Henry Strong found it in 1863.
We were soon in a large chamber gorgeously adorned by the hand of nature. Stalactites of almost every conceivable shape reached down to within six or eight feet of the floor, and stalagmites, in columns and in the appearance of statues, stood upon the floor and on the shelves, which ranged like galleries around the walls.


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