Saying Goodbye Again

We said goodbye to Kurt, the animals, the cottage, and the mountains.

At around 11 am, we left the Tarantula Farm behind us. We drove the scenic route Kurt suggested, the River Road or FM 170 from Lajitas to Presidio. This is indeed one of the best scenic routes we have ever driven. The road snakes around the Rio Grande through the breathtaking mountains.

Prada in The Middle of Nowhere!

Driving from Presidio, TX, to our destination Van Horn, TX, we saw two quirky art installations. A giant Giant mural, a tribute to the 1956 Giant movie shot here in Marfa, TX, and Prada Marfa! .

Not a real store but an art installation near Valentine, TX. This replica of a Prada store – its doors are always closed – is a time capsule containing authentic Prada items from the 2005 collection. 


Friday, December 2, 2022


196 miles

Moving Time

About 4 hours