Several Walks Along Grayland Beach

"Feeling stressed? There’s a beach for that"

Our First Day Back in The USA

Although it was a gray day in Grayland, we went for a beach walk. The Pacific Ocean and the beach were only one mile from our cottage. The Grayland Beach reminded me of the Dutch Waddenzee. Both have expansive stretches of white sandy beaches, mudflats, tidal channels and trenches.

We had skipped our yearly Christmas stay in Katwijk aan de Zee in December. Especially in the wintertime, we like to walk over an empty beach, feeling the wind in our hair and the sand peeling our faces. And especially because we had a jet lag, we welcomed the wind and the rain in our face, and the stroll on the beach.

A Rainy Monday

A rainy day in Grayland. It didn’t stop us from walking on the beach. The Pacific Ocean, the stormy weather, and the beach never get boring.


We are also still sorting our stuff to see what we want to keep in our traveling circus. Our car is small, and we only want to take the items we will need and utilize the upcoming road trip.

A Little Sunshine!

A beautiful, bright day today with fewer clouds and the sun showing itself occasionally. The light was amazing, so I was eager to hike to the Pacific Ocean and the beach and take pictures with my camera. I am starting to make one picture a day. It helps me stay focused on the photography classes and practice the theory I am learning. It is fun to do this; I am no longer overwhelmed with all the features my camera offers.

Ofcourse, the Pacific Ocean and the nearby beach provide excellent opportunities helping me to capture beautiful photographs!




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