Touching the Moon at Space Center Houston

A Journey Through Memory Lane

I touched the moon, literally. At the Space Center Houston, a piece of moon rock was displayed for visitors to touch. I simply could not resist!
As a young girl, I was glued to the television to watch the rockets lift off. I was in awe watching the countdown; the camera focused on one spot while the rocket slowly surged upwards. The first walk on the moon, the quote “One Small Step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind,” the massive launches and landings of several space shuttles, the shuttle carried back by a specialized carrier aircraft. The shock I felt when I heard that the shuttle Challenger exploded, I will never forget.
The Space Center Houston was well worth our visit. Next to giving me a trip through memory lane, the center offers a variety of artifacts and beautiful exhibitions about NASA’s exciting past and future plans. Still, the highlight of my visit was the Space Shuttle (replica) Independence, displayed on top of its original carrier aircraft.


Monday, April 22, 2024


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