Amersfoort in Mondriaan's childhood

The World of Piet Mondriaan

On March 8, 1872, artist Piet Mondriaan was born at 11 Kortegracht in Amersfoort. So, my friend and I planned a visit to Amersfoort to celebrate his 150th birthday! I had never visited the Mondriaan House museum, and, in fact, I had never even seen the city either. 

During our “Amersfoort in Mondriaan’s childhood” walk in Amersfoort, we followed the route that showed how young Piet lived here as a young kid in a time when the city changed rapidly! 

Amersfoort, thankfully, saved part of its historic walls and buildings. The museum, Piet’s birth house, was also well worth a visit. I finally understood his painting Victory Boogie Woogie. He painted it after he fled to the United States in 1940: it is an artistic map of New York City!



Wednesday, July 27, 2022


The Mondriaan House


Kortegracht 11,
3811 KG Amersfoort


The World of Piet Mondriaan
March 8, 2017 - December 31, 2025