Twin Lakes Hike

August 2020

“Life is Better at The Lake.”

Twin Lakes

We hiked this trail twice, on August, 11th and August, 16th. The first time, we missed the hatching building and second lake by 0,2 mile! The markers weren’t clear. and the last part of the trail was overgrown The second time, we climbed over fallen trees and ignored the bushes, and reached the end of the trail.

This was great hike, not too tricky, and we were rewarded with beautiful scenery! The elevation gain of 1,000 feet to the highest point at 2,850 feet. The trail starts at Napeequa Crossing and ends at the old hatching cabin built by the state Fish and Wildlife in 1949. Don’t be discouraged by overgrown trails though!


August 11, 2020
August 16, 2020


7.28 miles
7.30 miles

Moving Time

3:25:20 hours
3:22:58 hours


85℉, sun
90℉, sun

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