Unexpected Encounters in Etoile, TX

Unexpected Thrills in Eastern Texas

After Houston, TX, we headed to Etoile, TX. Etoile, Texas, is a small town near Lake Sam Rayburn in Eastern Texas. We were ready for a rural escape. Our comfortable cottage in Etoile provided a quiet retreat but wasn’t without its share of surprises.

One afternoon, the power went out. Fortunately, my laptop was fully charged, which helped me get through the roughly four hours it took for the power to return.  When we thought the excitement was over, the next night brought new tension with tornado and severe thunderstorm alerts.

My daily walks in the charming neighborhood became a competition with the local dogs. They won. Something in my aura must scream, “Stay away, I don’t like you running towards me!” for them to do that! To avoid further confrontations, I decided to stick to neighborhood walks with my husband as my dog barrier and enjoy my solo strolls near the cottage, the only dog-free route.

Urban Oasis: A Hike in Kit McConnico Park

On our last afternoon in Etoile, TX, wanting to do a short hike close to our stay, we headed to Kit McConnico Park, just a few miles away in Lufkin.


We hiked the Lost Arrow Loop, an easy trail with a winding path. Although close to downtown Lufkin, the park with a dense, green canopy gave the illusion of being deep in the woods. Due to the previous night’s rainfall, parts of the trail had transformed into mini-streams, resulting in playful jumps and careful steps to avoid getting wet feet. My husband’s sneakers, unfortunately, weren’t up to the task. Thankfully, my waterproof hiking shoes kept my feet comfortably dry!

Another Farewell!

Filled with unexpected thrills, our week exploring this unknown part of East Texas flew by. We had been pleasantly surprised by a Texas landscape similar to Louisiana’s impressive beauty, with towering oak trees, lush greenery, and wet swamp land. Now, it was time to say our goodbyes. We cleaned, packed, gathered our belongings, closed the door, and for the last time, we drove carefully off the dirt road, avoiding the potholes.


2024.04.24 to 2024.04.30
(5 days)


on average
3.34 miles

Moving Time

on average
1.15 hours


clouds, sun

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