Highlights in Harlingen

Exploring The Arroyo Colorado Trail

Our Airbnb’s location in Harlingen, TX, was fantastic. The Arroyo Colorado Trailhead was just a short walk away. This scenic trail is like a green artery flowing through the heart of Harlingen. It follows the river’s curves and cleverly hides the roads and buildings from sight. Surrounded by nature’s sights and sounds, it was easy to forget we were still in the middle of the city.

Honoring Sacrifice and Peace

The Iwo Jima Monument, an impressive outdoor sculpture in Harlingen, Texas, is the mold of the famous bronze version in Washington, D.C. Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of six Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima formed the basis of this work of art.

One of the Marines placing the flagpole, 20-year-old Harlon Block, a South Texas native from Weslaco, tragically died in battle just six days after this historical moment. In 1995, on the 50th anniversary of this battle, his remains were laid to rest at Harlingen’s Marine Military Academy grounds, close to the monument. 

“We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.”
– Anonymous

A Leisurely Stroll Around Lake Harlingen

Lake Harlingen is a small, artificial lake covering 15 acres in the heart of Harlingen. We walked part of the paved path that circles most of the lake. Its charm is indisputable. However, due to its size, naming it a pond might have been more appropriate. Two ducks waddled up to us during our visit, humorously demanding food. Since we didn’t bring anything, they probably thought we were cheapskates. Disappointed by us, they lost interest, went into the water, and swam away.

Downtown Harlingen Delights

We ended our day in historic downtown Harlingen, soaking up the charm of its unique shops with architectural details. It felt like a trip back in time! We window-shopped trendy boutiques and antique shops. The streets offered an open-air art gallery with colorful murals and creative sculptures. Harlingen showed us its delightful mix of history, art, and a touch of nature at the Lake Harlingen and The Arroyo Colorado trail, precisely how we love it.”

From Landfill to Nature Refuge

Another gem close to our Airbnb was the Hugh Ramsey Nature Park, a 50-acre strip of land. This beautiful urban forest park sits right off the Arroyo Colorado River. It’s hard to imagine that this World Birding Center, home to countless birds migrating through the Lower Rio Grande Valley, started as a city landfill in the early 20th century.

How did a landfill transform into such a beautiful space? A group of passionate citizens created a plan to restore the land to its natural state, even incorporating wetlands. Their tireless work brought new life to the area. Native plants returned, and with them came a variety of birds. A thriving ecosystem born from a landfill is quite an impressive accomplishment.
We enjoyed the sound of the birds and the serenity of the park. The beautiful blooming Texas Prickly Pear reminded us of our home in San Antonio: we used to have one in our yard back.


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