Walk to Oud-Zuilen
a "Dutch Open Air Museum"

Walk to Oud-Zuilen from Utrecht CS

On Sunday, my friend and I enjoyed our walk to Oud-Zuilen. We started at Utrecht and followed the Vecht River to our destination through a beautiful area with a lot of history. 

Slot Zuylen, inhabited since 1247, took us back in time; the castle, the beautiful canals, and the snake wall were worthwhile to visit and see. 

Oud-Zuilen is a castle village located near the Vecht river and feels untouched by time. This is not a surprise because “Sulen” is already mentioned in 1200. It was as if we were visiting an open air museum. The village was first mentioned in 1200.

The clear sky with white clouds copied a typical 18th/19th-century scenery portrayed by famous Dutch Masters with Utrecht’s largest and smallest windmills, the Westbroekse and Buitenwegse wind mill, near Oud-Zuilen.

Living in the Utrecht area for almost 20 years off and on, I felt a bit ashamed, I had never visited this beautiful part of Utrecht. Apparently, I don’t have to travel far to find these gorgeous gems. 


Sunday, April 30, 2023


7.41 miles
11.92 km

Moving Time



17 °C,
clouds, light breeze