Road Trip 2008 - Day 6


Yellowstone NP, WY - Day 3

The next day, we saw “Old Faithful,“ one of the world’s most famous geysers! We sat down, and it started to perform its activity after about ten minutes. Later, we read that the interval between Old Faithful’s eruptions is, on average, ninety minutes, so we could have been waiting much longer!

Near Old Faithful was an excellent hiking trail our oldest son picked to hike that afternoon. The “Lone Star Geyser Trail” is an easy 5-mile trail. At first, we climbed a steep, burned hill. In 1988, a massive fire in Yellowstone ravaged this park area. Up to this day, you can see reminders of the blast, although many new young trees grow between the black “sticks” and are about 7 feet tall now. 

Our walk continued through the forest to the “Lone Star” geyser. According to entries in the logbook near the geyser, the geyser is impressive and worth waiting for. The boys played in the nearby Firehole river with one hour to go. The logbook writers were right; Lone Star rose very high and long. As for us, its private audience, it felt even more extraordinary.


Thursday, August 7, 2008


about 5 miles

Moving Time

Walking Most of The Day


45 to 77 °F