Destination: Yellowstone Park, WY

Road Trip 2008 - Day 4


We Finally Arrived at Yellowstone NP, WY

We added two new states to the list! We entered Montana and arrived in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. 

We visited the “Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument”. This place commemorates the American Indian wars and has a national cemetery, monuments, and a museum and is also the last stand where the Sioux defeated (the yesterday mentioned) Lt. Custer.

We drove the “Beartooth Scenic Highway.” This highway (almost 70 miles) is called the most scenic highway, it crosses the Beartooth pass on US 212 and three forests: Gallatin National Forest, Shoshone National Forest, and Custer National Forest. Well, the views were impressive at Rock Creek Vista Point. But as always, the photos don’t do justice to what can be seen there; you simply can’t capture the three-dimensional view in a two-dimensional picture.


We continued our journey, and after a long day, we arrived at Yellowstone Park’s northeast entrance and thought we were almost there! It still took us more than an hour to arrive at our destination, the camping site called “Bridge Bay.” Just before darkness set in, our tents were set up!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


468 miles

Moving Time

8.5 hours


71 °F