Arriving in Terlingua, TX

Arriving in Terlingua, an Unexpected Adventure! ​

We arrived at our new location on time, although with a few hurdles.

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere without a working GPX or mobile. We needed help finding the road we had to enter so asking another driver, we were told we were just 8 miles away. With relief, we drove these miles and turned left … to discover that the road was a bumpy dirt road, totally unsuitable for our clown’s mobile (as my friend calls our small car). 

After driving for half a mile, we returned, went to a store about 15 miles away, asked for a landline, and called Kurt, the sympathetic owner of the Airbnb, to tell him we did not want to go up the dirt road with our small car. That was no problem at all. He would pick us and our stuff up so we could leave our car at the entrance. We returned, put our luggage in Kurt’s car, and got two bumpy miles up the hill. Just before it was completely dark, we arrived at the cabin and were welcomed by a mule who tried to steal our fruit while we were unloading the car. While we were glad we were settled at sunset, we also wondered where “the heck” we had ended up.

However, the following day, we were glad we had made it. We had a fantastic view from the top of the hill. And the two-miles walk to the car felt great as well!


Tuesday, November 29, 2022


446 miles

Moving Time

About 8 hours


Sunny, 23 °C