Checking Out Sioux Falls

January 2022


Checking out on Saturday, January 15th, 2022!

Leaving this welcoming Airbnb. This cute home was undoubtedly one of the better Airbnb’s we have rented so far. We loved our week in Sioux Falls and managed to walk many miles despite the cold weather.

I thanked and said goodbye to this welcoming Airbnb that was our home for a week. This cute cottage was undoubtedly one of the better Airbnbs we have stayed in.

We drove about 425 miles, leaving South Dakota behind us, through Iowa and Missouri.

The drive was uncomfortable with slippery, snow and ice-covered roads. We arrived late at the Sure Stay Hotel Best Western in Higginsville, Missouri, where we would stay for the night.


Saturday, January 15th, 2022


425 miles

Moving Time

about 11 hours


24 °F, clouds