Colorado Springs to Amarillo: Mountains and Plains

Hitting the Road with Unexpected Snow

Our Colorado Springs adventure began after a comfortable night at an Extended Stay America. Refreshed and ready to explore, we hit the road around 10 am.
South of the city, the suburbs vanished, giving a glimpse of what Denver might have looked like before urban sprawl. The I-25 highway meandered and ascended through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains decor to the Raton Pass at an astonishing 7,834 feet elevation. Here, Mother Nature gave us an unexpected, short snow shower. Shortly after, we crossed the border into New Mexico.

Volcanic Wonders and Endless Plains

Near Raton, we switched to Route 87 and drove through a unique landscape: the Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field, an 8,000-square-mile wonderland with over 100 volcanoes and vents. East of Clayton, the scenery changed into a scenery that reminded me of Kansas, with towering grain silos standing along the road.
When we crossed another state line, we entered the great state of Texas! From Texline, the Texan plains stretched out before us, neverending grasslands with an occasional farm or windmill. The landscape remained predominantly rural until Amarillo appeared: a welcome sight at the end of today’s long journey of 365 miles and six hours in the car.


Monday, April 1, 2024

Moving Time

about 6 hours


365 miles


Clouds, rain, snow
chilly, strong wind