Route 66's Quirky Art: The Cadillac Ranch

The Cadillac Ranch: Art with An Unclear Message

Today, we had a relaxing day in Amarillo, TX. We took a short walk in the neighborhood and then drove to and visited the quirky art installation along Route 66 (technically, I-40). It’s called Cadillac Ranch: ten Cadillacs, from 1949 to 1963, each with a different, iconic tailfin, are half-buried nose-down in the dirt, shining in the Texas sun. These classic American cars are tilted at the same angle as the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The Cadillac Ranch: Art with An Unclear Message

The constantly changing art installation started in 1974 when an art group called Ant Farm came up with this original idea. But why? It’s assumed they wanted to pay homage to the American car culture. However, sometimes artists like to challenge visitors through their artwork. They might have sent a different message, which meant the opposite of celebrating the booming car industry. Cadillacs in the 70s were symbols of American excess, so the art installation could have been about “giving the middle finger” on too much consumerism and car dependence. I love to believe it’s the latter.

Becoming Part of Cadillac Ranch

It wasn’t just the artwork that made our visit to the Cadillac Ranch special. This wasn’t a look-but-don’t-touch exhibit. The cool part was that visitors were encouraged to be creative and leave their designs with spray paint! So, we grabbed a can and added our creative tribute to this 50-year-old artwork! However, with so many visitors, I bet our little hearts will soon be buried under new layers of creativity!


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