Destination: Yellowstone Park


Driving from Home to Brainerd, MN

On Saturday, August 2nd, 2008, our 14-day vacation started when we closed the garage doors. This time we only traveled by car to see more of America than only the pleasant and crowded suburbs of the Chicago area. We always said that we wanted to see and visit ALL the States, so we made a great start with this vacation. We planned to travel for three days to Yellowstone, camping there for a week in two tents, then driving back in three days.

We left at around 10 am, the car fully packed with camping gear and luggage to our destination in Yellowstone National Park. We knew our first day would be a long trip. Wisconsin is nearby compared to the other states, so we knew we would have enough opportunities to revisit this state. We drove through Minneapolis and learned that not Minneapolis but St. Paul is the capital city of Minnesota.

We had made reservations in the Red Roof hotel in Brainerd, Minnesota. Just 0.8 miles before arriving at the hotel, a police car ordered us to stop. My hubby had driven ten miles per hour too fast, the road had just changed from a state to a local route, and he probably had missed a sign (at least, he said). The police officer asked where we were going and was quite surprised to hear we were on our way to the Red Roof Inn a mile ahead. He checked hubby’s license and driver’s history, explained the driving rules in Minnesota, and thankfully let us go just with a warning and wished us a lovely holiday!


Saturday, August 2nd, 2008


534 miles

Moving Time

about 9 hours


75 °F
mostly cloudy