From Redroof, Corpus Christi, TX to Redroof, Houston, TX

Hotels for Exploring, Airbnbs for Living

We played with a new travel approach, alternating hotels and Airbnbs. Previously, we reserved hotels for quick one- or two-night stays before long drives. Now, we’re considering them for 3-4 day stays to explore new areas. Hotels are often more cost-effective for shorter stays due to Airbnb’s additional cleaning and pet fees. Finding pet-friendly hotels was challenging until we discovered Red Roof, named Best Budget Hotel by USA Today in 2023. This hotel is perfect for budget-minded travelers with pets, like us, as they waive pet fees.

So, we stayed in two Redroofs, in Corpus Christi and Houston for two short term stays of three and four days.

Redroof Corpus Christi, TX

We were busy bees in Corpus Christi, exploring most of the time during our three-day whirlwind. On Friday, April 19th, it was time to say goodbye. 

Remember my reservations about the petrochemical area on Tuesday? In hindsight, Corpus Christi offered a lot more than I initially expected and surprised me in the best way possible.

Redroof Houston, TX

Our stay at the Red Roof Inn in Houston exceeded expectations! The room was spacious, clean, and quiet. We were close to the Walk Cypress Creek Trailhead, which became the perfect place, a green oasis, to start our day with exercise.

Making the most of our four-day stay, we didn’t stay at the hotel after our morning activity but were adventuring throughout Houston. Again, the days flew by, and on April 23rd, we checked out around just after 11 a.m., ready to drive to our new destination.

Our Experience So Far ..

We started to miss our home cooked meals in Corpus Christi, TX! To address this we purchased a single-burner induction cooktop. This simple solution allowed us to prepare fresh, healthy meals in Houston. 

Overall, our travel experiment, alternating hotels with Airbnbs to optimize affordability, flexibility, and adventure, has been a win so far!


April 19, 2024


254 miles

Moving Time

about 6 hours


Perfect to Drive!