Corpus Christi's Seawall

Sunrise at Corpus Christi's Seawall!

On our first visit downtown, we were charmed by Corpus Christi’s beautiful seawall, so we came back again… twice! The wall was completed in March 1941 to protect the city from the devastating effects of hurricanes and floods.
The seawall is, in fact, a seat wall with seats facing the rising sun. In the early morning, it offered stunning views of Corpus Christi Bay, making it our perfect place to start the day with a walk.

Even on our last day, Friday, April 19, 2024, before checking out and driving to Houston, we returned to the seawall for one final walk and a heartfelt goodbye!


April 17, 2024, April 18, 2024 , April 19, 2024


on average 3 miles

Moving Time

on average 1 hour


75 °F, gentle breeze
cloudy & sunny