Mustang Island Magic
Sun, Sand, Sea

Sun, Sand, and a Sea of Surprises

We soaked up the sun on the stunning shores of Mustang Island State Park. This 3,954-acre park has a five-mile stretch of undeveloped coastline with white beaches and turquoise water – a sight that never gets old. It’s incredible that this barrier island, ranging from two miles to about 3,000 feet wide, was once home to hundreds of wild mustangs. Though the horses vanished over a century ago, their memory lives on in the island’s name.
While relaxing and walking barefoot through the water, we spotted some fascinating new creatures along the shore. A few bright blue translucent jellyfish caught our attention. We learned these animals are By-the-Wind Sailors, harmless carnivorous jellyfish that float and sail through the water by the wind. We also came across a few Portuguese men of war! These vibrant blue creatures, unlike their look-alikes, can give a painful sting or even kill with their venomous tentacles.
Thankfully, a healthy dose of respect kept us at a safe distance. This encounter served as a valuable reminder that visiting a wilderness often is about enjoying its beauty and being aware of potential threats at the same time.


Thursday, April 18, 2024


3.28 miles

Moving Time

1:10:06 hours


86 °F, fresh breeze
clouds & sun