Sioux Falls, SD

January 2022

From January 8th, 2022 to January 8th, 2022

Despite the cold weather, the week flew by. We visited Sioux Falls Highlights, walking many miles. We adjusted to the new time zone as we prepared for the rest of our trip with destination Florida. We extended our stay by two days to avoid driving amid heavy winter storms expected on Thursday night and Friday.

We didn’t have to drive back to Watertown to say goodbye to our son and daughter-in-law because our son’s team had a meet in Des Moines, so instead, they visited us on Friday. We had a cozy evening at home with a simple homemade vegetarian chili con carne meal. The evening flew by.

Saturday, January 15th, it was already time to check out. I thanked and said goodbye to this welcoming Airbnb that was our home for a week. This cute cottage was undoubtedly one of the better Airbnbs we have stayed in.

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Checking Out Sioux Falls

Checking Out Sioux Falls

Checking Out Sioux Falls January 2022 . Checking out on Saturday, January 15th, 2022! Leaving…

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