Hanseatic Cities Path

SP11 Day Trip B - "The Stubborn Farmer"

We were back in Zutphen to hike the “De Hoofdige Boer” trail and bundled up because it was freezing cold weather with a strong breeze. 

The SP11 Day Trip B hike started immediately near the station and we quickly walked over the city walls to the green countryside. We followed the Berkel river, which, once again (since 2014), meanders through the open meadows. We saw beautiful country houses and striking farms. In Almen, we took a break and enjoyed a delicious warm lunch in the hotel cafe restaurant “De Hoofdige Boer.” Poet Staring put the village of Almen on the map with his poem about a stubborn farmer, Stuggink, “De Hoofdige Boer,” who did not want to use a newly built bridge and continued to wade through the river in his boots to go to church.

We followed the trail back to Zutphen through forests with historic estates. We concluded today’s hiking trip at the train station but continued to walk through Zutphen’s medieval downtown to the Hampshire Hotel.


Apparently many people were out for dinner in downtown Zutphen; we couldn’t get a table anymore. After trying a few restaurants, we returned to the hotel to dine in the adjoining MuseumcafĂ©. In hindsight, this restaurant was an excellent alternative; it turned out to be a cozy restaurant with friendly staff and delicious food.


Saturday, January 21, 2023


13.95 miles
22.45 km

Moving Time

4:53:19 hours


-1 °C
light breeze, cloudy