Hanseatic Cities Path

SP11 Day Trip C Gorssel

Apparently, we had been tired from yesterday’s walk because we woke up late, around 9 am. We quickly drank a cup of coffee and ate some sandwiches and fruit before heading to the trail again. We planned to hike SP11 day trip C, the Gorssel, from the Hanseatic Cities Path booklet. A route from Zutphen via Gorssel to Deventer, located on the east side of the IJssel river.

We crossed the Twente Canal and followed the Eefsche Beek along the beautiful estate ‘t Haveke in Eefde. We walked towards Gorssel on never-ending dirt roads. The unpaved surface was pleasant for walking though. We were looking forward to having a cup of coffee at the restaurant Jansen en Jansen. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a reservation, and they did not have a table available. So, instead, we just ate lunch while walking.

We strolled through places I had never heard of, such as Joppe and Epse, with elegant country houses and extensive gardens surrounded by forests. Just past Epse, we entered the province of Overijssel and walked westwards to the flooded fields of the IJssel. Even on this dark day, the view over the floodplains was breathtaking. We saw the A1 and the bridge in the distance. Even though the water level was high, we could get to the other side of the highway. Before we hiked the last leg to the station, we decided to have that cup of coffee we wanted to drink earlier at McDonald’s. 


Afterward, we continued our hike over the levee. Deventer’s bridge and church tower slowly came closer and closer. The walkway along the IJssel was flooded, so we walked on the levee along the river. We were mesmerized by Deventer’s unique center; it revealed a medieval square, beautiful authentic facades, and an imposing weighing house.

Six hours later, 16 miles further, we finished the Gorssel day trip at the train station in Deventer. On our way back to Zutphen, hubby and I agreed that we had once again enjoyed a wonderful day of hiking!


Sunday,, January 22, 2023


16.07 miles
25.86 km

Moving Time

5:38:01 hours


-1 °C
gentle breeze, cloudy