Hanseatic Cities Path

SP11 Doesburg to Brummen

Although the weather forecast promised wind and rain, we set out to hike the first stage of the Hanseatic Cities Path, SP11 Doesburg to Brummen.

The hike starts near the old city wall at the eastern edge of medieval Doesburg, which received city rights in 1237. In the 17th century, due to its strategic position, the city became a fortified settlement, enclosing the city with a typical star-shaped wall. The defense system has never been used, and today, the wall is a lush, green oasis where flora and fauna thrive. 

We followed the Oude IJssel Valley trail the next few miles, the day trip we hiked two weeks ago. Even with stormy weather, the IJssel river and downtown Doesburg are mesmerizing.

After leaving Doesburg, we followed the Zwarte Schaar, an old branch of the IJssel River. On top of the levee, our view of the IJssel landscape was limited. The wind was intense, so the rain was falling horizontally. Despite wearing protective clothing, rainwater slowly seeped through.
With this weather, it was no surprise that we were the only passengers on the ferry to Dieren. We did not have to wait at all. The ferryman transported us to the other side of the IJssel River right after we paid our fees. We left Dieren, Spankeren, and the IJssel River quickly behind us and walked through large old estates (Estate De Bockhorst, Estate Denk en Werk, Estate De Wildbaan) for miles.

The Old IJssel Valley, Hummelo to Doesburg

In Brummen, we left the trail and walked to the train station.  We took the train to Zutphen, where we would spend the night in Hotel Fletcher. We looked like drowned cats when we arrived at the hotel. Due to the relentless storm all day, continuous rain, and strong winds, despite protective gear, our arms, legs, and feet got soaked. However, we were happy campers again after taking a hot shower, putting on dry clothing, drinking a cup of warm tea, and eating a delicious meal in the hotel’s restaurant.


Thursday, January 12, 2023


12.14 miles
19.54 km

Moving Time



strong wind,
heavy rain