Park Galecopperzoom

A New Year's Hike at Park Galecopperzoom

Happy New Year! Hubby and started the year with a long walk through our hometown. We walked to Park Galecopperzoom and were pleasantly surprised to see some large art statues, including a Totem Pole and the Corona Shopper. Although the sculptures can be seen from the trail, it isn’t exactly street art; it is the collection of scrap artist Nils van Went. His private Sculpture Garden is located adjacent to his design studio and workplace, “Scrap Design.”

Another striking statue in the park, is  the ‘Creeping Man’ in the park. The statue, one of the many public works of art in Nieuwegein, is nicknamed ‘Jopie, The Red Giant .’ The artwork is part of the Outdoor Museum of Nieuwegein and is made by Joep van Lieshout (1963). It crawls through the grass with arms and legs outstretched and is 10 meters long. No details of the figure are shown. The pleasant fact about this statue is that from either viewpoint, the statue is crawling toward you!

I love to discover these little gems during our walks in my neighborhood.


Friday, January 1, 2021


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