"Het geeft me levensmoed"

From Brakel to Oudheusden

To take us to today’s starting point in Brakel, we had made reservations for the special Arriva Butterfly bus in Zaltbommel. The bus was on time, and half an hour later, we started the next leg of the Pelgrimspad through the Bommelerwaard from the Market Square in Brakel.

We enjoyed the beautiful winter weather. The sky was blue, the temperature was just around freezing point, and we could see for miles. We walked through a scenic landscape with many rivers (the Waal, the Afdamde Maas, and the Maas), high dikes, and the familiar Dutch windmills.

About 30 minutes after we crossed the river Maas with the ferry, we walked into the beautifully restored old-style fortified city of Heusden. Here is where we took our first break and enjoyed our homemade lunch. After that, we boarded the bus in Oudheusden to the train station in Hertogenbosch.


Saturday, January 9, 2021


13.57 miles
21.84 km

Moving Time



-1 tot 4°C
freezing, chilly, sunny