"Het geeft me levensmoed"

From Oudheusden to Udenhout

Exactly one week later, we started Pilgrimspath part 9 from Oudheusden, a small village located on the banks of the Maas River. We were early starters, knowing we had a long hiking day ahead.,

We quickly left Udenhout behind, and after about 2 miles, we followed the Zeedijk, a dike built to protect the village from flooding from the North Sea. The Zeedijk offers stunning views of the countryside. After walking along Drunen’s outskirts, we reached the Baardwijksche Overlaat, which is a large floodplain that is home to a variety of wildlife. We continued following the channel Hertogenbosch-Drongelen, a canal built in the 19th century to drain the swampy area. After crossing the channel, the scenery transformed from the countryside’s flatness to forests with dunes. We had reached the Drunense Dunes National Park, a series of dunes known as the Brabantse Sahara. After exiting the Drunense Dunes, we hiked an extra loop through Nature Reserve de Brand. In hindsight, not our best decision. It was longer than anticipated, the trail had no markers, it started snowing heavily, and we got lost.


Thankfully, with some detours, we found our way back to the route, and just before sunset, we reached Herberg Restaurant de Brand in Udenhout. After a quick shower, we enjoyed a delicious, simple Dutch meal in the restaurant and went to bed early. The Pilgrimspath, part 9, had been a beautiful, although strenuous hike.


Saturday, January 16, 2021


17.53 miles
28.21 km

Moving Time



-2 tot 4°C
light breeze, chilly, mostly cloudy, snow