Pieter Path

From Vorden to Slangenburg

After yesterday’s dinner, a good night of sleep, and another delicious meal this morning at hotel restaurant De Gravin, we were ready to hit the Pieterpad again! Near Castle Vorden, we followed Toos Goorhuis-Tjalsma en Bertje Jens, the masterminds of the Pieterpad, in their footsteps. Their monument symbolizes that we have started the second part of our journey! The flour mill “Our Interest” in Linde is still functional and grinds at request.

In Zellem, we enjoyed a small lunch at the De Smoks restaurant. We learned about the woman Smoks Hanne. Smoks Hanne is what we would call a Druidess today, a wise woman with knowledge about herbs and making medicines to help sick people. Most probably, that is the reason why she looks like a witch! Castle Slangenburg was a noble estate in the 14th century! Today, it is a guest house of the Benedictines for anyone who wants to escape everyday life and relax in this serene environment.


Thursday, July 7, 2022


14.64 miles
23.56 km

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18 °C
sun, clouds, and showers