Pieter Path

From Slangenburg to Zeddam

Today, we started the Pieter path hike with rain. The weather forecast had already indicated that the chance of persistent showers was most significant in the countries’ east. I’m not going to complain; nature needs rain to keep the environment pleasantly green! Still, I took fewer pictures because I hid my camera under my rain coat most of the time.
When the sky is dark, the woods suddenly seem less friendly. We left the Achterhoek behind and walked to Montferland near the German border. Via the Bergherbos, a mixed forest on top of a moraine and surrounded by small-scale fields and grassland, we climbed the last part to hotel Montferland in Zeddam. We ended the day by reminiscing old family visits and having delicious dinner in the adjoining restaurant.


Thursday, July 21, 2022


10.62 miles
17.09 km

Moving Time



24 °C
sun with showers