Pieter Path

From Pieterburen to Groningen

At half-past seven, we were having breakfast. At eight, we were standing at the beginning of the path! Some cyclists and hikers wanted their pictures taken at the sign as well when we took our pictures! Finally, we left in good spirits at a quarter past eight on this sun-drenched day. 

The Heigh Land of Groningen (Hogeland in Groningen) is an exaggeration: the higher part is often only slightly higher than the surrounding lower land. Except for the “wierden” (artificial hills), of course. The countryside of Groningen is pleasantly beautiful in the spring. Winsum is a lovely village; here, we had our first break after a three-hour walk. We enjoyed our delicious coffee with apple pie and whipped cream at cafe J&A with the first leg completed. After feeling energized, we continued the hike along winding rivers, locks, canals, and mounds and walked via the north side of Groningen towards downtown. Groningen is a student city which was noticeable with this beautiful weather. Many young people were cycling or enjoying the sun in the Noorderplantsoen. Thankfully the Martini hotel is located in the center near the Pieterpad. 


After two legs, almost nine hours later and 34 km further, my feet and body were exhausted, and I was glad I could take my shoes off. After a refreshing shower, we went out again to have dinner with our student son at the restaurant “De Kleine Kasteleine.” It had been a while since we had seen him, and we enjoyed the chitchatting together. Before we knew it, we had to hug each other goodbye again.


Wednesday, May 18, 2022


21.22 miles
34.15 km

Moving Time