Pieter Path

From Groningen to Zuidlaren

At around 8 am, we left the Martini hotel without having any breakfast. We quickly bought some food at Appie Hein next door including a cup of coffee! We left the city quickly behind us, following the Noord-Willemskanaal and the river Drentsche AA through National Park Drentsche AA. The National Park protects nature and culture and contributes to and protects the quality of life in twenty small villages and neighborhoods. Just before we entered the province Drenthe, we walked to the most Northern hunebed, ’t Heiveen, of the Hondsrug, and the only hunebed in Groningen. We continued following the Hondsrug ridge to Zuidlaren, our destination for today! Although the day had started with rain, the weather had cleared. However, the moment we got on the bus in Zuidlaren, the heavens opened, and the rain poured down. We had made it just in time!


Thursday, May 19, 2022


14.45 miles
23.26 km

Moving Time



24 to 26°C
cloudy, rain