Pieter Path

From Zuidlaren to Rolde

We left home at 6:30 am, and almost four hours later, we were back in Zuidlaren to continue the Pieterpad. We started hiking while it was raining, but the rain stopped after leaving Zuidlaren behind us. We are definitely in Drenthe. Creeks meandering through colorful, never-ending meadows filled with wildflowers. Old large farms or houses having thatched roofs (which once was the poor man’s solution since it was cheaper than baked roof tiles). Moors where sheep are roaming around eating the grass to preserve the heather. Small villages with village greens or “brinken” where time stood still.
And last but not least, the dolmens or “hunebedden”. Drenthe also seems to have its own Stonehenge, stone circle de Baak. However, this is a modern artwork erected in 2013!


Monday, May 30, 2022


13.25 miles
21.32 km

Moving Time



cloudy, showers