Pieter Path

From Echt to Sittard

Although we planned to start early today, the NS (Dutch Railway System) did not cooperate. Due to delayed construction, the intercity would not go to its final destination, Sittard. Instead, we went to Sittard via Nijmegen and Roermond to avoid further delays. At 10 o’clock, we were at our destination.

We have done this part of the Pieter path before, in October 2021. From the center of Sittard to just after Spaubeek, the Pieter path overlaps with the Pilgrims Path. So, we walked up the Kollenberg again to the Limburg plateau. Saint Rosa was still protecting Sittard on top of the mountain. And the grub wolf still seems to like its habitat on the plain. Today, we saw five donkeys near Terborgh castle. Last year only one. The only thing that had changed noticeably was the quality of the trails. Last year, you could easily break your neck walking the path. Now, we walked on very well-maintained grubs and stairs. It made the climbing and descending a lot more pleasant.


At the gravel pits just past Spaubeek, we entered new territory. We saw unique farms in several architectural styles in Terstraten. And the fascinating rolling landscape made us feel as if we were abroad. In no time, we arrived at our hotel in Valkenburg, the Grand Hotel Monopole. The hotel’s restaurant had no tables available, so after some needed rest, we went downtown and had dinner at the local French restaurant Aan De Linde.


Monday, September 12, 2022


15.58 miles
25.07 km

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